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aug 17,2017 03:15 PM / Posted by Paltalk

EXTENDED: Whether you're House Wolf, Lion, or Dragon, the Game of Rooms is on! For a limited time, all Game of Rooms Flair is worth double Crown Points! But that's not the best part. Declare your allegiance with one of the house crest Flair and your whole house could win an exclusive Flair!

Basic rules:

  • The most popular house (Wolf, Lion, or Dragon) wins
  • Popularity is determined by the number of house crest Flair sent
  • All members of the winning house will receive an exclusive Flair to celebrate their victory
  • Plus, we'll add a special Virtual Gift accessible for all Pals to purchase to commemorate the occasion
  • You are welcome to send other Game of Rooms Flair to receive 2x Points, but only the House Wolf, House Lion, and House Dragon crest Flair count toward the house competition, and only the winning house gets the prize

Convince your Pals to bend the knee and bring your favorite house to victory!

aug 11,2017 03:00 PM / Posted by Julia

Congratulations, Pal! If you've noticed a special red flame Flair popping up, that means you've found one of our newest features. We're excited to announce a new Red Flame Flair specifically for members using the new Paltalk for Desktop!

aug 09,2017 03:15 PM / Posted by Paltalk

Mystery Gift Week – Daily Winners!

It's Mystery Gift Week! For the next seven days, simply log in to the all-new Paltalk (download here) for a chance to win mystery prizes each day you're online. That's right — the more you log in, the more chances to win!

Daily prizes may include:

  • NEW Sticker Pack Pre-Release*
  • FREE 250 Credit Pack
  • 1 Week VIP Gift Subscription

Winning is as easy as logging on. Don't miss out on these exclusive deals. Try the all-new Paltalk today!

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