Live Like Royalty — or at Least Like a VIP!

This promotion has ended.

We're excited to announce the return of VIP for a Day!  For a limited time, send any gift worth 500 credits or more to receive a twenty-four hour VIP subscription!


  • Any single gift that is worth 500 credits or more qualifies, including Flair and Stickers. (Sending five 100 Credits gifts does not count.)
  • VIP for a Day lasts 24 Hours from the time you send the qualifying gift.
  • You can only receive the VIP award once while you have it. After the 24 hour VIP expires, you can send another 500 credit gift to achieve VIP for a Day again. 
  • Only Free, Plus, and Extreme members are eligible for the VIP for a Day reward

The presence of this page after a sale has expired does not constitute an extension of the sale.  This post will be updated once the promotion has ended.

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