dec 06,2011 / Published in PRNewswire
Paltalk Announces That They Have Acquired Easy To Send, A Leading Do-It Yourself Digital Marketing Platform Targeted At Small and Medium Size BusinessesNEW YORK, Dec. 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Paltalk, the leading real-time, video-based community with over 70 million downloads, announced today that they have acquired Easy To Send, an innovator in small business email and digital marketing.Easy To Send was launched as an affordable and accessible email marketing management tool geared for the small and medium sized business market. It offers a platform to source graphic designers in its Creative Marketplace as well as the opportunity to join its Easy Ad Network, a program allowing users to generate ad revenue through self-generated emails and integrated content management.
nov 17,2011 / Published in
Using the nickname Selena, Mai Linh has been learning English on Paltalk - an Internet service that allows users to communicate via instant messaging, voice and video chat - for six months.She is among a growing number of Vietnamese who use the free service to improve their English proficiency.A student in Ho Chi Minh City, Linh is improving her spoken English with the help of online 'teachers' on Paltalk who are either native speakers or Vietnamese living in an English-speaking country.She first joined the online classes - known as 'rooms' on Paltalk which are set up and operated by volunteer 'teachers' - with a modest knowledge of the language and could not communicate so well in English. But she now speaks decent English after six months.
nov 11,2011 / Published in The Rundown
You're done whispering sweet nothings to Siri. You want the real thing.Now you can creep on potential hookups without giving up your cover.Vumber is a new service that gives you a second, anonymous, untraceable phone number on your current cellphone.Just pick an area code, and Vumber supplies a new number. When people dial your Vumber number, it'll go right to your everyday cellphone.Answer it, send it to voicemail, or pull sneaky stunts like giving them a busy signal or a "this number has been disconnected" recording."But what about calling back," you ask? You can place calls from your Vumber as well - just dial your fake number from your cell and you'll get the option to dial out, using your Vumber as the callback number. They thought of everything. 
nov 11,2011 / Published in Comics 101
With the 2011 New York Comic Con now rapidly fading away in our collective rearview mirrors, here's one more chance to get a sense of what the show was like, thanks to the good folks at, who sent correspondent Diana Falzone down to the big show to interview creators and fans alike. Take a look, won't you? Falzone does a good job on the interviews and doesn't resort to the insulting kind of snarky nerdbaiting you so often see when the non-fanboy media attends this sort of thing. I'm not sure what kind of service is selling over at their Web site, but whatever they do, they get the COMICS 101 "Seal of Approval."
nov 10,2011 / Published in All Things D
http://allthingsd.comA couple of new start-ups, Spreecast and LiveLead, are focused on the social side of video, working on helping groups of people broadcast themselves or enjoy videos together, respectively. They both have a lot in common with Google+ Hangouts.San Francisco-based Spreecast is StubHub founder Jeff Fluhr's next act, and it offers live group-video sessions that are instantly archived. It's focused on people who want to be broadcasters -- like bloggers or offline personalities -- and who can attract an audience.Spreecasts, which are by default public, have up to four people on camera at a time, while others participate in text chat through their choice of Facebook, Twitter or Spreecast account. The person who starts the conversation gets access to a producer control panel that brings in new questions and speakers.

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