sep 13,2011 / Published in, Sep 8, 2011, 18:42 GMTThe chatter from the Will and Jada Pinkett Smith marriage front sees Diana Falzone from Paltalk dissecting the rumors with InTouch Weekly's senior editor, Dorothy Cascerceri.Dorothy sat down with Diana and held nothing back when giving the celebrity scoop.Apparently, it looks like the limo driver blabbed to the tabloids:Below are some highlights of the chat:·         On what exactly happened between Will and Jada:
sep 08,2011 / Published in
BeautyWired.comPaltalk's Own Diana Falzone Speaks with InTouch Weekly's Senior Editor, Dorothy Cascerceri about Latest Hollywood Gossip
sep 02,2011 / Published in
EdmontonSun.comWhen Frank Sepe talks, fitness enthusiasts listen.The buff editor and chief of MET-Rx Magazine recently sat down with Paltalk's own Diana Falzone.Here are some of the highlights of the wide-ranging interview, as outlined by Paltalk's PR people:What are the biggest misconceptions in fitness for women?1. If I lift weights as a women, I'll get big muscles."It depends on the workout program and the diet. The diet has to work in conjunction with the program. But you need to have weight resistance."2. Trying to stay away from protein as a woman."They think it will make them gain weight. Protein is for your hair, your skin, your nails - everything."What inspired you to start working out?"My girlfriend, just one, way back when, which was a good enough reason for me."Best tip for life?
aug 29,2011 / Published in
This week, our APPraisal and APPprisal column takes a slightly different turn from our regular app reviews. We had the opportunity to chat with Paltalk CEO Jason Katz and get his take on Google's recent purchase of Motorola. Here's what Katz had to say:W2D: Do you think that Google's purchase of Motorola is positioning them to be more competitive with Apple and the iPhone?Katz: I think there are a couple purposes: with Apple, they control hardware and software. That's been pretty optimal. You get locked into their ecosystem. Now [Google] will have entry into hardware, and admittedly a good one. Additionally, Motorola has a huge patent portfolio. It might have been important for [Google] to get that from Motorola for defensive purposes against litigation. There are a ridiculous amount of patents around smart phones. Right now, there are lots of lawsuits between all the manufacturers, so Google may be building their patent protection.
aug 25,2011 / Published in
PsychologyToday.comEmpowering insights into career building (and changing).by Vicki SalemiOften times, I feel blessed. Not only about life in general and my family and friends, but the passion I have for journalism. Last month this passion led me to interview international bestselling author Deepak Chopra!I have to say, although I've interviewed countless celebrities, authors and notable names over the past eight years and don't exactly morph into a fan frenzy (after all, it's work and professional. Fun work but still work nonetheless), I admit, I was a little star struck when I met him. Most of all, it was the lessons learned from the interview that counted most.My early morning blogging gig ran late that day and hopping in a cab toward midtown west was not in the cards for me as I jumped out north of the destination because running on foot would have been faster than in car.

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