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Scoop Behind Kim Kardashian's Divorce, tabloid editor speaks (VIDEO)

Tune in alert as Diana Falzone from Paltalk sat down with InTouch Weekly's senior editor, Dorothy Cascerceri to discuss the latest developments in the Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries divorce news!

Below are some highlights of the chat:

On Why Kris and Kim's Pre Nup may not work:
"If it comes to light that Kim was perhaps doing something shady behind Kris's back, that iron-clad pre-nup may not be so iron-clad after all. The thing is with a lot of high-profile, celebrity marriages and pre-nups there's often times a clause that states that if one of the spouses cheats that kind of creates a hole in the pre-nup and Kim and her family are worth an estimated $500 million dollars... If it turns out that Kim's been doing something and being unfaithful, then that $500 million dollars is up for grabs."  

On Kris Humphries' behavior after the wedding:
"Kris was in New York City, he was clubbing, he was out at night... he was out consecutive nights until the wee hours of the morning, showing up from club to club with these beautiful blonde girls. It's not the way you act when you're in a high-profile marriage, when you just had this crazy, expensive, elaborate wedding. You kind of want to keep a low profile and that was not what he was doing. It was almost like a big "Forget you" you to Kim, it was a clear message that he was sending.

On what happened with Kim and Kris:
"They did come to together, they might've had good intentions at first but as they got deeper and deeper into the whole engagement and the wedding planning, sources tell us that Kim kind of fell in love more with the fame and the fortune that went along with it than she actually fell in love with the man that she was marrying."

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