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Style Expert Lindsay Weiss Gives Tips on Fall Fashion Trends

modOration.com, October 12

Fall is in the air and I've already broken out my boots and fall jackets. This is my favorite season when it comes to fashion, mainly because I have a love affair with boots, but also because of the colors and layering.


PalTalk's own Diana Falzone sat down with Senseofashion.com's Editorial and Style Expert, Lindsay Weiss to chat fall fashion trends and universal fashion guidelines every fashionista should know.

Here are a few of her fashion guidelines:

o Mixing Colors: "I think you can mix brown and black and I think you can definitely mix black with navy, which I know people get confused about. "

o Showing Skin: "I think one thing to be careful about is...you don't want to expose too much. You don't want your stomach showing, your legs showing, pick one area to expose. If you're doing the midriff, you don't want to wear a mini skirt...I always make sure I'm wearing a really long skirt with it, or you can pair it with a blazer as it gets colder. I think if you're showing too much, it's not too tasteful."

o Nail Polish Color: "We're seeing darks. Really, really dark colors that have a little bit of a shimmer to it. So it could be an emerald green, it might be a navy, even a burgundy, a lot of brands are doing that. I also think the nude we saw from Spring is going into Fall, where it's that neutral, really nude color.

What about those fall trends? She says, "As we transition into Fall, it's all about color; deep, rich jewel tones, splashes of color, even neons paired with black. We're also seeing really rich materials like velvet. Mixing and matching; polka dots are huge. Mix them with your stripes, with your animal prints, it's kind of like, anything goes. If you're doing velvet, and there's a fine line between cheesy velvet, where you see the light in it, or a really rich velvet. You want it so it's not too heavy and not adding bulk all around your body."

o Accessories: "For Fall, we're really seeing chunky jewelry. The more the better, the chunkier the better."

o Skirts: "We're continuing with the long skirt, also the pencil, which is below the knee...You can also wear the "middy" - it's a mid-length skirt, but it also still flares out a little bit, so that's easy to walk in. That, you can pair with your blazers, your sweaters, and it goes right into winter. I think if you're wearing a skirt that length, its best to wear a heel, because it might look a little dowdy when you're wearing a flat with a skirt that length."

Watch the video clip of the interview below. What's your favorite fall fashion trend?

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