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Tech Expert Scott Steinberg Takes a Look at New Innovative Products

NewsWatch recently aired a news story highlighting innovative products for consumers to keep their eyes out for. Tech and parenting expert, Scott Steinberg, joined the show to review these gifts.

The first product is an Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser from a company called Innovia which is a great addition to any kitchen. It has a sleek design so moms will love it and it's amazingly easy to operate. All a consumer needs to do is hold their hand up to a sensor on the unit and it will dispense a single paper towel. If more towels are needed, they just hold their hand up longer until the correct amount of towels is dispensed. From a health standpoint, since the hands-free operation makes it unnecessary to touch the roll of paper towels, it reduces the risk of cross-contamination. It looks great and comes in three colors, stainless steel, black and white and has a suggested retail price of $99. For more information, head to the Innovia website at http://www.innoviahome.com/.

Neato Robotics recently introduced a new automatic vacuum that's specifically designed for households with pets and allergens. It's called the Neato XV-21 and it's the most powerful robotic vacuum on the market. While most robotic vacuums are mindless sweepers, the XV-21 is a true vacuum that intelligently maps a consumers room to cover the entire floor without bouncing off furniture. Using a laser-based positioning and path-planning system, the XV-21 continuously takes 360-degree images of the room and stores this information during the current cleaning run. It comes with a special Pet & Allergy Brush for quiet vacuuming and a High-Efficiency Filter for easy maintenance and stronger suctioning power. Consumers can purchase the Neato XV-21 at amazon.com and other retailers for 429.99. Neato Robotics also offers a lighter version of the XV-21, the Neato XV-12, which is available at Target stores nationwide for 399.99. For more information, visit neatorobotics.com.

PalTalk, the world's largest live video chat community with over 70 million downloads just released their new service called Firetalk and it's a free service that offers users unlimited calling and texting to other firetalk users across the world on any mobile platform. The application runs over wifi or 3G network and allows consumers to turn their iPod Touch or iPad into a fully functional phone. Consumers can now keep in touch by phone or text with friends and family in another country or send a message to someone right down the street - all without spending a single penny. For more information on Firetalk, go to http://www.firetalk.com/ and for more information on Paltalk, go to http://www.paltalk.com/.

StoryMark is a free mobile application for lifestyle and business that's redefining the way consumers capture and share experiences. It's currently available on the iPhone and Android devices and it combines pictures and personalized audio messages, and then allows consumers to send them across their social networks as well as via e-mail. StoryMark can be used for entertainment and lifestyle purposes, but it can also be used for business. To get started, all consumers need to do is download the app from the iTunes store or Android marketplace, take a photo with their phone, record a message or add music to it, and share it with their friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, Text, Email or consumers can save their StoryMark to their phone's library.


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